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At CVB Plumbing, we stand behind our work, warranty every job and take every measure to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Licenses, Certifications and Years of Experience

Possession of a license tells you that a company is conducting business legitimately. It’s also an indication that the company employs people who are highly qualified and similarly licensed to perform the functions in the trade relevant to its business. Thus the plumbing company in San Diego you should choose should have plumbers who carry a C-36 license from the California Contractors State License Board. An equally important license a plumber must have is a C-20 license, which makes him/her qualified to handle all works related to warm-air heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. Having certifications in other pertinent areas, such as in gas piping and backflow testing and installation, makes the plumber very professional and truly exceptional. And how do you gauge the overall experience of a company? Being in operation for 20 or more years should make you feel very comfortable contracting the services of that company. For your reference and convenience, License #761419.

Services Provided

Often your first concern is to find someone who will be able to fix the particular plumbing problem you’re facing. Rather than turning to an independent plumber, you have the much better option of calling a professional plumbing contractor who offers a wide-range of services. This information is readily available in the Internet or in the Yellow Pages. Of course, any information given in print or advertisement should be verifiable. Ask around for referrals from your neighbors, friends or from other construction professionals. You have to remember that plumbing problems can be different from one another; hence, you want to retain only one contractor – one that can give you the exact type of service for every specific plumbing problem.

No matter how perfect the system in your home may seem, problems in any one of these can occur anytime. Take, for instance, a few of the troubles that can all too suddenly manifest themselves in your home’s plumbing system: leaks, clogged drains, backing of drain water from the main drainage line and so forth. While homeowners may be able to handle some of these troubles themselves, most of the usual plumbing problems are too complex that only a qualified plumber can fix satisfactorily. But where do you find one who can provide you with such satisfaction? The answer lies in calling a plumbing contractor that possesses important credentials and qualifications.

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“We are very satisfied with CVB’s services!”

We are very satisfied with CVB’s services and their recommendation to install the Navien water heater. It has more than enough capacity to easily replace our old seventy-five gallon water heater. In addition, I am sure we will see energy savings from the gas previously used to constantly heat seventy-five gallons of water. And; the Navien uses about one quarter of the space the old style water heater used.

Steve Wright
Poway, CA
CVB Plumbing is lead safe certified

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